Meet the Critters that INSPIRE the Characters!!
Here at Whistlepig people are out numbered by critters! And we wouldn't have it any other way! These little goofballs keep us entertained and put smiles on our faces daily. Our number one task is always: Pet the kitty! Meet the squad:

Mr. Bubba here is the Alpha cat, and the youngest. He is always up to no good and gets away with everything because he is just too darn adorable! He is a little mini Fabio and has the poses to prove it! He greets us everyday at the lunch table with his 'So what are we having today?' face!

Lulubelle, commonly called Lulu, is one of the biggest distracters! She loves to walk on keyboards and push papers off desks! Even after your file is deleted or you are on a page that you have never seen before, you just want to snuggle with her! How could you not with those long whiskers?

Little Miss Nellie, or Nellers, is the worlds sweetest cat. She is tiny and just so precious! She spends most of the day snuggling on or clawing at her favorite chair. Some furniture may have been scratched to death, but look at that face! How could you ever say 'No?' 

Sassafras, more commonly called Sassy, is just the opposite as her name suggests. She too is super sweet! She is frightened by storms and hides in the same spot when she knows they are coming. Sassy likes to spend most of her days snuggled up with her head nuzzled into cushions and sleep. 

Tigger is our explorer. He tinkles inside sometimes but is forgiven because he is just so handsome! He is the only cat that is allowed to wander the neighborhood and does frequently. We are up and down to let him in and out. Tigger likes to return with gifts sometimes, a nice dead bird or mouse.

Truffles is Tigger's sister! She is a sweetie pie and loves attention! When she lays on a piece of fabric she leaves a pile of fur behind. But all the hair is worth coming downstairs and seeing her snuggled in a bed on top of her brother. Truffles is the other big distracter! She will sit on the sewing machine table until you pet her!

Well that concludes our Critters page! I hope you love them as much as we do!