Friday, July 29, 2011

BYOB-2 Kits

We have found all sorts of treasures while down in the crawl space. Amongst those things and piles of fabric, were kits for BYOB the Second. I love both of the color ways! Both are super summery and fun! 

First we have "Oh-Cherry-Oh" by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda:

And we also have "Sweet" by Urban Chiks for Moda:

Kits include all the fabric, a charm-pack, the pattern and all the letters! (batting, thread and machine not included) This pattern goes together really quickly, and the charm squares make it look much more complicated than it actually is! Go Check them out at Etsy!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Healthy Lunch

Here at Whistlepig Creek we don't take too many things seriously (we draw cartoons!). But one thing we do take very seriously is snacks! So how lucky are we to have our very own popcorn machine, just like the ones at theme parks and city fairs! Its a good sound to hear the popping of kernels! 

Be jealous! ... Or come snack with us!

Critters Page

Before I run off to sew, or take pictures, or get lost in the crawl space, I wanted to direct your eyes up to the right hand of the page! There is a new 'Critters' tab and I highly recommend checking it out. And yes, I may be bias because I made it, but I assure you that the kitties will be worth it! They are just so adorable and are really the critters behind the characters designed here! Ciao!

BYOB Update

Much like many sewers and quilters I know, I have the right to change my mind about which fabrics are going into a project! The BYOB was no exception! As I was helping Alayna in the crawl space, I came across a lime, black and white print that I loved. So I started building off of it!

I pulled some black and white prints and a similar green, and got to work! Every time I added something to it, I fell in love a little more and more. I decided to spruce it up and added ric-rac to the handles, some buttons around the letter "S" and yo-yos made of green scraps. 

And then I dug Alayna out of the basement and make her model for me! =]
Sometimes it is fun to take a slightly older pattern and spruce it up! When I finish the next one I will post more photos! I am really loving this one too! Off to sew!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quiltmaker Magazine

Well, I have shown you Sneak Peeks of our projects for 'Australian Homespun' and 'Simple Quilts,' so it is only fair that I show you a Sneak Peek of our project for 'Quiltmaker.' These ladies are in the same area as us, so when we drop off projects we get together and have lunch! This time it was at the Macaroni Grill. Yum. Anywho, we had a blast and are starting to brainstorm our next project with them! (the ideas are coming out of our ears!)

This project is simple and fun! We hope you find it in your next Quiltmaker Magazine! The Editors have an adorable blog that I highly recommend checking out! Plus, keep your eyes peeled for their next 100 Blocks special issue! It is an inspiration! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homespun Magazine

Magazine Mania!

It is that time of year, between markets when we have a little time to catch up and breathe…  so instead, we do projects for magazines. We have just submitted projects to Quiltmaker, Simple Quilts and Australian Homespun, and are working on projects for Simple Quilts (again =]) and Fons & Porter. These are a lot of fun to do, and help get our name out there! So keep your eyes peeled for our name and projects in all your favorite magazines! Here is a Sneak Peek of our project for ‘Australian Homespun’ Magazine.

We are very excited to be featured in a magazine outside the US, and what better place than 'Down-Under?'

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dee Bratcher's Flip Flap

Featured Customer: Dee Bratcher
Sewing and Embroidery Connoisseur!

Click to enlarge! It is easier to read that way =]

Friday, July 22, 2011

BYOB- New Cover

BYOB is back! 
No, not 'bring-your-own-beer.' But one of our favorite bags. BYOB or Bring-Your-Own-Bag is one of our slightly older patterns that is and (we think) will always be a favorite. Therefore one of my jobs is to renovate the cover for the pattern. I am going to show 2 bags, that I am currently pulling fabric for, and give it a slightly updated and fresh look. I am very excited to start on this endeavor. One bag will be a big contemporary floral print and the other will be a charm-pack one. I have found the charm-pack I want to use, it is 'Fresh Squeezed' by Moda.

Sandy Gervais designed these fun summery prints. They are bright and fun, which is just what we need. I'll let you know how it turns out. I am kind of itching to do it, so.... Adios!!!

Day to Day: Alayna

We have a new girl that has come to work for us for a few weeks before she runs back off to school in Idaho. Alayna, my little sister, has put her mind to organizing us at WPCreek, starting with the crawl space/ fabric storage area. This may sound like a fairly simple task, and for a pro organizer like Bugsy (AKA Alayna) it shouldn't be too tough, right? Wrong. This is a fairly large crawl space, filled with bolts and bolts, and yards and yards, and tons of fat quarters of fabric. And not only does it contain fabric, but Christmas decorations, lights, manikins, dinner party dishes, platters, Halloween decorations, ribbon and almost anything else you can think of. Poor little thing was stuck in the crawl space and gets food, water and bathrooms breaks. =] We will take pictures as she progresses and keep you updated.

I feel a little bad.... I went down and took pictures of her working. Sounds a little wrong huh? Eh oh well =] Enjoy the heat, or hide in the A/C like us! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Junior Classic

The New Bag on the Block is the Junior Classic.
It has quickly became our personal favorite. It has side pockets with a little pleat flare, inside pockets, magnetic snaps on the flap and is the perfect size to tote everything you ever may need around.

Big contemporary prints are fun to show off a pattern.
Black, white and red are a classic combo that never fails.
Or make it up in your favorite colors.
Add a button or two, and Voila, you have an adorable everyday bag.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Simple Quilts Magazine

Here is a Sneak Peek of out project for 'Simple Quilts' Magazine.


We were very excited about making this project. (hint: they feature sleeping bags) It was one of those projects that seems super simple, and is, once the zippers are figured out. And luckily for everyone, we figured them out =] 

Pick up the magazine when it comes out for further details. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gable Alfano's Totes

Show & Tell: Gable Alfano has shared her totes with us!