Monday, January 30, 2012

Kathy Booth's Garden Purse

Remember the post about our bag being featured in Quilt Magazine? Click HERE to view it. Well, Kathy Booth has made one of those Garden Purses up!

It turned out adorable! Kathy used Calista fabric from Blank Quilting. It could not have turned out better! Super cuteThanks for sharing this with us! We love seeing how they turn out with other fabrics and colors!  "I can’t wait to show my friends!" -Kathy

Friday, January 27, 2012

Laure Schaerr's Flip Flap Bags

This is Laure with her two girls and their Flip Flap Bags! The girls wanted something to carry their ballet slippers and other goodies to dance class! They picked out their fabrics and now they all have pretty pink purses!

We think they turned out great! Dance away girls! Thanks for sharing the photos with us! Your girls (and you!) are beautiful!

"They turned out well. The girls are happy with them so I’m happy!" - Laure Schaerr

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christine's Sweaters

Before I even begin to dig into how amazing and generous Christine is, I have to say that these are the best first applique projects I have seen! Before these sweaters she hadn't even attempted it! We are impressed!

Christine is a happy Grandma of seven and was looking for a fun and unique project to do when she found our website. The first project she made was "Pitty the Kitty." One of her dear friends fell in love with it and Christine gave it to her! The next sweater she made was the "Pound Hounds." She ended up giving this one away to another close friend! She wanted to make "I Love My Gray Hares" for her daughter-in-law and made some creative changes! She resized the heads to make a "Daddy" in the middle, two boys with bow ties and two twin girls with pacifiers. The hares represent Christine's son and his kids. Too cute!

"I had never appliqued anything before. I had a lot of fun making the sweatshirts and experimenting with colors." -Christine

She is quite the busy bee! Christine has also made the sweatshirt from "The Bundles" for her eldest granddaughter and is planning to make sweatshirts for all the grand-kids for the next Christmas! She is also making the "Caterwauling" pattern for her niece! I hope she makes something for herself too! What a generous and talented woman! Thanks so much for sharing the photos Christine! We would love to see more of your future projects!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

eCozy Palooza Tutorial

Here is a little picture tutorial on how to make the E-Cozy Palooza Electronic Reader Cover. (This is not the pattern, just a helpful reference tool.) These photos are included in the PDF E-Cozy Palooza Pattern and are available HERE.

Click on the photos for an enlarged version

eReader Cubby Tutorial

 Here is a helpful ticture tutorial on how to make the eReader Cubby Electronic Reader Cover. (This is not the actual pattern, just helpful photos and tips.) This tutorial is included in the PDF eReader Cubby Pattern and is available HERE

Click on the photos to Enlarge. 

iCozy Palooza Tutorial

Here is a little picture tutorial on how to make the I-Cozy Palooza iPad Cover. (it is not the pattern, just a helpful reference tool.) These photos are included in the PDF I-Cozy Palooza Pattern and are available HERE.

Click the photos to enlarge them! You can purchase the pattern in PDF or paper form HERE!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

eReader Cubby

We have a new electronic reader cover for those new fun smaller sizes! The contemporary e-Reader Cubby fits the Kindle, Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Readers and other similarly sized readers from 4 1/2" to 5" wide and 6 1/2" to 6 3/4" high. The pattern includes 4 different flap styles and reward-card pockets. The pattern is available in a downloadable PDF or a paper pattern HERE. The four flaps are: Curvy, Rectangular with a triangle flap, Bracket, and Rounded. (shown in order in the photo below)

If you make one, we would love to see it! Send us pictures!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Brenda Curtis

Brenda Curtis tackled the Grandpa's Farm Quilt that was featured in Quiltmaker's "Quilting & Embroidery Summer 2009 Issue." Rows of whimsical farm animals parade across this playful quilt. She made a few changes, including adding one black sheep, which is too stinking cute! Brenda has entered the quilt in the Charleston Quilt Show in March this year under the name "Chicken Dance." She promised to let us know how she does! It turned out adorable so we are betting she will come home a winner! Thanks for sharing Brenda!

Friday, January 20, 2012


We tried to avoid joining pinterest for awhile (We heard it is quite addicting!!) but we finally gave in! It is amazing! So, if you are a pinner, go check out our fun pinboard and send us a link to yours so we can follow you!

Click HERE to find us, or the link on the right side bar!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PDF Patterns

Sometimes we see a pattern and we want it NOW! And thanks to technology, we can now have things the instant we want them! So.... drum roll please.... We are now offering PDF patterns through our website! All of our new patterns and some of our favorites are now available in PDF format through

These and many more available! Look Below for the Entire List!

Plus, there are some benefits to buying the PDF patterns! Some include pictures in addition to the diagrams to help with those spots that are a little difficult to picture! And don't forget, you get them almost IMMEDIATELY!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calico Mermaid

Pockets A Plenty
The Calico Mermaid

Look what we found! (Well, was shown to us!) Out in Porterville, California at the Calico Mermaid, Jenny is teaching a class on "Pockets A Plenty!" I hope they enjoy it! It sure is a fun bag, and it is one of the favorites among our friends! We are loving the pink and brown combo! 

"Calico Mermaid is downtown Porterville's quality fabric shop, opened in April 2011 by Georgia & Richard Goode. You'll find lots of inspiration & temptation here in books, patterns, classes, & fabric by Moda, Benartex, In the Beginning, Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, Hoffman of California, Timeless Treasures, & Clothworks." So if you are ever in the area, go check out this adorable, bright, friendly quilt shop! Thanks for sharing the bag!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Caterwauling Tales Projects

Well the time has finally come! Caterwauling Tales has finally hit the shelves of your local quilt shops! Here are a few patterns designed specifically for this fun and silly cat fabric line!

The top left pattern is "What's New Pussycat" This pattern is a quick and easy bed runner made using the Caterwauling Tales Panel.

The top right pattern is "Cat-titude" This fun applique project to feature some larger cats! These can be individual accents or grouped together in a pack!

The bottom left pattern is "Fabulous Felines We Love" This is a large lap quilt using the Caterwauling Tales Panel. This quilt reflects the scrapbook style of the panel.

And last but not least, the bottom right pattern is the "Sawtooth Hue" This pattern uses all the complimentary fabrics to create a fun transition quilt. Quick, easy, stunning.

You can find all these patterns HERE!

If you cannot find this line of fabric at a local quilt store, here are some places you can purchase it online!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the year of the Dragon! Which is perfect for us because we have our Days of Yore line coming out this year! 2011 brought us a lot of joy and fun and we are looking forward to another amazing year filled with love, sewing and our amazingly talented customers! Happy 2012! Cheers!