Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Well it is officially that time of year! We are in the middle of Chanukah and days from Christmas & Kwanzaa! And boy do we have some holiday weather here! We had day off because of all the snow yesterday! And on Wednesday we had a fun baking day! We kind of needed yesterday off to come down from our sugar high! Here are a few of my favorite shots from Baking Day.

They kept giggling for this photo!
Then Bernie walked in and that made them giggle more!
Meghan looking through the cookies
Meghan's Rolo Turtles. Place Rolo onto pretzel, heat in oven for a few minutes, push pecan into Rolo! Voila!

More Cookies!
Getting Sassy in the kitchen.
Left: Meghan's Letter cookies and Right: Alayna
Bernie sure was excited to see all these cookies!

It sure is fun working here! Can't you tell! =] Well I am taking a little vacation after Christmas, so there won't be any blog posts until the New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Eat lots of yummies and enjoy the brisk weather! Talk to you in 2012!

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