Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christine's Sweaters

Before I even begin to dig into how amazing and generous Christine is, I have to say that these are the best first applique projects I have seen! Before these sweaters she hadn't even attempted it! We are impressed!

Christine is a happy Grandma of seven and was looking for a fun and unique project to do when she found our website. The first project she made was "Pitty the Kitty." One of her dear friends fell in love with it and Christine gave it to her! The next sweater she made was the "Pound Hounds." She ended up giving this one away to another close friend! She wanted to make "I Love My Gray Hares" for her daughter-in-law and made some creative changes! She resized the heads to make a "Daddy" in the middle, two boys with bow ties and two twin girls with pacifiers. The hares represent Christine's son and his kids. Too cute!

"I had never appliqued anything before. I had a lot of fun making the sweatshirts and experimenting with colors." -Christine

She is quite the busy bee! Christine has also made the sweatshirt from "The Bundles" for her eldest granddaughter and is planning to make sweatshirts for all the grand-kids for the next Christmas! She is also making the "Caterwauling" pattern for her niece! I hope she makes something for herself too! What a generous and talented woman! Thanks so much for sharing the photos Christine! We would love to see more of your future projects!

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