Thursday, July 28, 2011

BYOB Update

Much like many sewers and quilters I know, I have the right to change my mind about which fabrics are going into a project! The BYOB was no exception! As I was helping Alayna in the crawl space, I came across a lime, black and white print that I loved. So I started building off of it!

I pulled some black and white prints and a similar green, and got to work! Every time I added something to it, I fell in love a little more and more. I decided to spruce it up and added ric-rac to the handles, some buttons around the letter "S" and yo-yos made of green scraps. 

And then I dug Alayna out of the basement and make her model for me! =]
Sometimes it is fun to take a slightly older pattern and spruce it up! When I finish the next one I will post more photos! I am really loving this one too! Off to sew!

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