Friday, July 22, 2011

Day to Day: Alayna

We have a new girl that has come to work for us for a few weeks before she runs back off to school in Idaho. Alayna, my little sister, has put her mind to organizing us at WPCreek, starting with the crawl space/ fabric storage area. This may sound like a fairly simple task, and for a pro organizer like Bugsy (AKA Alayna) it shouldn't be too tough, right? Wrong. This is a fairly large crawl space, filled with bolts and bolts, and yards and yards, and tons of fat quarters of fabric. And not only does it contain fabric, but Christmas decorations, lights, manikins, dinner party dishes, platters, Halloween decorations, ribbon and almost anything else you can think of. Poor little thing was stuck in the crawl space and gets food, water and bathrooms breaks. =] We will take pictures as she progresses and keep you updated.

I feel a little bad.... I went down and took pictures of her working. Sounds a little wrong huh? Eh oh well =] Enjoy the heat, or hide in the A/C like us! 

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