Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bowling, Pizza & Cupcakes

We work hard here at Whistlepig! =] And because we work so hard, we have occasional fun days! On Alayna's last day of work we went bowling, got pizza and ice cream for lunch, then made cupcakes! It was a tough day, let me tell you!

First up: Bowling!
This was so much fun! We were assigned Nicknames that seemed to fit our Bowling Styles:
Meghan = 'Second Ball Magic' 
Sue = "I got Robbed!"
Bernie = 'The Closer'
Alayna = 'The Dainty Bowler'
Shayla = 'The Pickup Queen'
Meghan was notorious for getting a gutter ball then coming back and getting all the pins with the second roll! The pins we conspiring against Sue the whole time, she would get a perfect bowl and 1 or 2 stubborn balls wouldn't fall. Bernie started out slow but then came back and got a turkey in his last frame! Alayna was the most dainty and smooth bowler this side of the Mississippi, she was one with the floor! And Shayla didn't always do so great on the first ball, but usually picked them up on the second roll.

Second up: Pizza and Ice Cream!
We ate at Marco's and it sure was delicious! We had everything on the table from cheesy bread and meat lovers to veggie delight! After that we walked across the street for some ice cream (bowling counted as exercise)! Smoothies and gelato were served up while Meghan had a not-so-secret admirer! 

And last but not least: Cupcakes!
Meghan sadly had to leave us for a dentist appointment, so we will definitely have a baking day again in the future! We made carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes! Some big, some small, some perfect, some not! And then we decorated them! so many treats and different frostings to top them off with! We each had out own style so it was fun to see what each other came up with! We will most definitely be having another day like this one!

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