Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crawl Space Revamped

Welcome to the New and Improved Whistlepig Crawl Space!

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We all at least have one room like this in our houses! The place where all things go when there is no more room. This room for WPCreek just happens to be the same room that all the fabric is in! You all saw the pictures of Alayna working on the crawl space/ fabric storage area, so we know it was not a simple task! But she did it! And it is PERFECT! We can walk down there and put our hands on anything we need, when we need it! Here are some photos of Alayna touring us through the newly organized areas!

Welcome to the bin room! We still sell everything we have ever designed. This means that we have A LOT of inventory! All of those classic Whistlepig patterns are now organized and in easy-access bins!

Here Alayna is showing us the nicely folded cottons on the left and the wool on the right! (looks like we need to do some more wool projects! =] )

Vanna White, I mean Alayna, is showing us how the cottons are organized here: Novelties, Batiks, Black & Whites, and Lines are all kept together! This makes out lives so much easier! On the right, Alayna is showing off one of many fat-quarter bundle stands that display the fabric so we can see it! 

All of Alayna's hardwork paid off! We can walk around and pick fabrics now! Woohoo! 

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