Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pellon is a Girl's Best Friend!

We are good friends with the wonderful people over at Pellon. We use there stuff in almost every project we make! We get asked all the time what we use and why so this is a little review of what we use, why and when!

360 E-Z Stitch
This is a perforated lightweight stabilizer is designed for general machine embroidery and is suitable for most fabrics. With Its perforated markings, it allows you to easily “Tear-away” without pulling or puckering. We use this product for our applique projects such as Cat-Titude and Color Me Mine because it tears away easily. Click the photo for more info.

805 Wonder Under Fusible Web
This is a regular weight fusible that is machine stitchable and fuses easily in seconds. Fabric maintains a soft hand after fusing. Great for apparel, home decor and craft projects. We use this fusible web for all our applique projects because it is easy to use and always sticks! Try it out on your next applique project! For more info, click on the photo.

987F Fusible Fleece
This Fleece adds a lofty body to fabric just by ironing it to it! Not only does it add a layer of softness, there is No Pinning, No Basting and No Sewing necessary! This is perfect to add a little body to bags! We use it all our bags, including the Leyvie Bag, Classic For Moms Diaper Bag and Junior Classic. Click the photo for more info.

70 Peltex
This is a firm, sew-in, smooth and heavy weight stabilizer. It is easy to sew even when sandwiched with other fabrics. It will not flatten out or be distorted in steam pressing and Peltex® has no grain and can be cut in any direction. We use this in all our popular Electronic Reader Patterns such as E-Cozy Palooza, I-Cozy Palooza & E-Reader Cubby.

71F Peltex
This stabilizer has all the benefits of the 70 Peltex plus it fusible on one side! We haven't used this one in any projects yet, but we have some in the works, so keep an eye out for them! Click the photo for more info.

SF101 Shape Flex
This is an all purpose Woven Fusible Interfacing. It provides crisp support for pockets, sides, handles and other aspects of bags and garments. It adds body and permanent stability when used as an interfacing for purses and bags. We use it to stabilize bags and Electronic covers like in E-Cozy Palooza and the Leyvie Bag. For more info, click the photo.

TP971F Fusible Thermolam Plus
This is an extra lofty, needled fleece with fusible adhesive on one side. It is great for crafts, home decorating and quilted projects. It remains lofty after fusing and the adhesive side is maked in blue along edge to prevent ironin mistakes. We use this material for our heavier bags such as the Classic for Moms Diaper Bag and Sweet Retreat's Little Sister.

Well that's all folks! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us or contact Pellon! Cheers!