Monday, November 7, 2011

Quilt Market 2011

Well it took a little while, but I have officially gone through ALL the pictures from Market! There are going to be a total of 4 post about Market. They are mostly collages of pictures. This is the first one! It mainly focuses on Whistlepig's Market! We had a blast! There were ups and downs but the good heavily out-weighed the bad! We had a blast! (Click Here to Enlarge Photo)

Some of the challenges included:

  • Houston's awful traffic! Avoid being on the roads on week day between 4 and 8 PM! We were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and on the way back it took 15 minutes! 
  • Very little sleep. But this is expected! It is an exciting and hair pulling experience getting everything ready and where it should be! The little things keep you up at night.
  • A large mass of electrical cords that we found in our booth! But instead of freaking out, we put the tables over them! =] Quick fix. 
  • BROCHURES!!! We ran out of brochures! On the first reprint, the print ran out of toner.... so we were 50ish short on the third page! On the second reprint we mixed up which ones we need double of, so we ended up with a lot of one page and very few of the other! But we gave away EVERY SINGLE ONE! We are hoping that is a good sign! That as our biggest struggle, and if that is as bad as it gets.... we are doing well!
  • Forgetting a few samples... oops.

Some of the highlights include:
  • Dinner at Pappasitos with the Hillcreek Designs Ladies! We were given a free pitcher of Margaritas by a birthday group!
  • Dinner at Maggianos with Jane & Richy from Tristate Printing and Heather & Elissa Willms from Hopscotch Quilts. Can't beat good food and good company!
  • Dinner (are you seeing a trend =]) at the Post Oak Grill. Best food in Houston! Plus Ruben, the waiter was amazing! We will be going back and bringing all our friends!
  • Meeting Adam Goodson from Cheep Trims who requested to wear one of our aprons! That was a hoot!
  • Having the booth come together perfectly! No planning and no missing goods (except a few samples)! 
  • Meeting Lee Nakamoto from Accuquilt. Such a nice and interesting man! He played professional soccer for 7 years and can quilt! 
  • Getting to see all of our old friends and make many many more!
  • And the BEST THING about market was seeing all the Whistlepig bags walking around! I will be doing features on each lady wearing a bag made from a WPC pattern later this week and into next week! It is a good feeling actually seeing what others have done with your patterns! Thanks to everyone!
All in all, We LOVED Fall Market! Stay tuned for more pictures and goodies!

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