Monday, November 14, 2011

Sally De La Haye

The BEST part of Market was seeing ladies walking around with Whistlepig Bags! Sally De La Haye was commandeered by Kristy during Sample Spree when she walked by wearing an adorable Zerba Bag! Kristy was very excited because she designed the Zerba and Sally was more than happy to show it off! She made it up in Lime and Black Batiks! It looks great! We then saw Sally again in our booth sporting a BYOB II! Monogrammed with an 'S' for Sally and made up in all gorgeous Fall themed Batiks, the bag stood out! We begged for another picture! Sally has been teaching at Calico Cats Sewing Center in Lake Jackson, Texas since 2006! She also has a degree in Art Education, this explains the beautiful color combinations in her bags! Thanks for wearing the Whistlepig Bags Sally! We hope to see you again in the near future! (Spring Market perhaps?)


  1. It was a pleasure meeting all of you at Quilt Market. I love your designs and can't wait to try out the patterns I bought at Sample Spree. Keep up the great work.
    Sally de la Haye

  2. can't wait for the class that Sally will teach with new patterns she is picking up! My BYOB class was lots of fun with Sally at Calico Cats Sewing center in Lake Jackson
    Virginia in TX